We have always dreamed to run a place where we could simply do things we like. The recipe seemed easy: find an old place with a character, pour some jazz to it, mix it with a cinema, add cozy furniture from the 60s and serve the top-quality Italian espresso. It was our beloved idea that finally became true. We hope you will like this place, too.

When we first saw that abandoned cinema in the middle of picturesque Vianden, we instantly fell in love. That was simply it ! A 200-year old building, full of character and huge potential. The renovation (or shall we say, recreation) lasted more than three years.

Ancien Cinéma has been thoroughly reconstructed. While we tried to preserve as much original elements as we could, today you can enjoy a pleasingly refurbished place. Old limestone walls, original cinema seats and antique spotlights are accompanied by cozy sofas, vintage chairs and elegant tables from the 60s. Oversize film snapshots and black & white photos on the walls bring about the sentiment of classic movies.


Ancien Cinéma café - club in Vianden ... a place where culture happens

The main idea behind Ancien Cinéma is to be a platform for cooperation between local and international artists under an umbrella called 'Where West meets East'. After eight years of experience, we believe this remains to be an attractive and unique cultural offer in Luxembourg.

We are a venue for young and independent artists to exhibit, meet, discuss and we simply facilitate contacts. We offer space and provide relevant equipment and all the necessary support and know-how.

We work closely with culture institutions and authorities of Luxembourg, as well as those from abroad, and equally with local and international non-profit associations, culture promoters or those organizing various festivals (of which we, quite often, are part).

For all these purposes we have established a non-profit association Ancien Cinéma a.s.b.l that is the face of all our initiatives.


Photo: Armand Wagner

8 years

In January 2016 we celebrated 8 years of our activity on the cultural map of Luxembourg.  Ancien Cinéma was officially opened on 11 January 2008.

Over that time, we have organised close to 800 events, including 400 concerts, 180 film projections, 90 exhibitions and 40 theater shows. Luxembourgish artists were part of more than 50% of all our events and productions with Polish artists totaled 20% (and 33% of all productions was by Eastern and Central European artists). We also hosted artists from other countries, including Switzerland, Malta and Japan.  Ancien Cinéma a.s.b.l spent close to EUR 100,000 towards cultural events, out of which EUR 60,000 went directly to the artists. We earned over EUR 22,000 from ticket sales, while admision to 60% of all our events was free of charge. Ancien Cinéma paid more than EUR 17,000 to local business in Vianden and donated over EUR 5,000 to other associations and initiatives (such as Vianden Music Festival, Spinning for Africa, Vianden School, Association des parents de Vianden, to name just a few).

Finally, 18,000 spectators came to see our events.  We wish to thank you for this spectacular number !

We will keep swinging.  We just love what we do.

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