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Cineast 2019: Karel Me And You

Tuesday, 15 October, 2019 - 20:00
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Original title: Karel, já a ty, Czech Republic 2019, Comedy/drama 111 min. VO EN subtitles, 16+

Directed by Bohdan Karásek, Screenplay by Bohdan Karásek, Produced by Corneliu Porumboiu, Daniel Burlac, Cast: Jenovéfa Boková, Miroslav Faderholz, Miloslav König, Marie Švestková

A funny and chatty indie dramedy about thirty-somethings living in today’s Prague


Saša opts for a trial separation from her husband and finds refuge with her friend Dušan. They give each other support, while striving to work out their own relationships and wrestling with their many uncertainties and fears. Karel, Me and You is about thirty-somethings living in today´s Prague. Built around natural and ongoing dialogues and embracing imperfection and awkwardness as its creative principle, Bohdan Karásek´s directorial debut demonstrates how the limitations of low-budget independent filmmaking can, in fact, be turned into an advantage. Karel, Me and You is a playful, quirky and chatty indie dramedy. With minimalist means but great passion and humour, it bravely delves into the million-dollar questions of love, loneliness and relationships.

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