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The Lost World 1925. Cine concert

Saturday, 27 October, 2018 - 20:00
film concert
silent movie
15 EUR

The Lost World, US 1925, directed by Harry O. Hoyt, Story by: Arthur Conan Doyle, Cast: Bessie Love, Lewis Stone, Wallace Beery, Lloyd Hughes, 64 minutes, silent movie, original music score by The Washing Maschine

Ancien Cinéma presents The Lost World directed by Harry O. Hoyt (1925) with live soundtrack by The Washing Machine, polish alternative rock band. The Washing Machine group from Poland regularly since 2010 presents classical masterpieces of silent cinema accompanied by original musical setting. It is an unique journey through the distant times of cinematography is a real curio and a titbit for both cinema connoisseurs and fans of music. The repertoire of their shows is aimed at viewers of all ages. Music illustrating pictures, combines a wide variety of genres giving a brand new quality to nearly one hundred-year-old movies. Their shows were appreciated by the audience and organizers of many cultural events, including prestigious "CinEast" festivals in Luxembourg, "Silent Cinema Festival" in Warsaw, "Forum Cinemas of European Cinergia ", The Festival" Silent Live "as well as renowned cultural facilities.

PLOT: The paleontologist, professor George Challenger, maintains that there is an undiscovered plateau inhabited by the last remaining specimens of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures deep in the Amazon rainforest. One of the London dailies decides to sponsor an expedition to the "Lost World," which is supposed to provide irrefutable evidence of their existence.The research team finds an unexplored world full of dangerous dinosaurs and other creatures, but the idyll does not last long. On the plateau, members of the expedition must face the prehistoric beasts ... The battle for survival begins.

The Lost World is the first movie in the history of cinema, in which special effects play the main role. Today, when the cinema is dominated by superproduction, which is full of computer-generated effects, it is difficult to imagine how great a spectator's experience in 1925 was to see an amazing lost world inhabited by prehistoric creatures on the big screen ...

The Washing Machine: Łukasz Drewniak – guitar, keyboards, Krzysztof Drewniak – bass guitar, Adrian Szymajda – guitar, keyboards, Michał Kowalczyk – drums

Tickets available by Eventribe (15.00 EUR plus 1.19 EUR fee): or in Ancien Cinema Vianden (make a reservation on

You can also buy two tickets for two cine concerts: The Lost World (27/10) and Der Golem (31/10) in total price 20 EUR. Please send en email to to reserve your tickets at 20.00 EUR

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