The Poacher's Foster Daughter or Noble Millionaire

Sunday, 4 November, 2018 - 19:00
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The Poacher's Foster Daughter or Noble Millionaire [Pytlákova schovanka aneb Šlechetný milionář], Czechoslovakia, 1949, comedy, musical, 77 min, VO, English subtitles

Director: Martin Frič, Producer: Julius Kalaš, Screenplay: František Vlček st. Cast: Hana Vítová, Oldřich Nový, Ella Nollová, Otomar Korbelář, Theodor Pištěk, Zdeněk Dítě, Bohumil Machník, Vítězslav Vejražka, Arnold Flögl, František Paul, Marie Blažková, Eman Fiala, Jan W. Speerger, Jarmila Smejkalová, Irena Bernátová, Mirko Erben, Alena Pospíšilová, Ilona Kubásková, M. Kopalová, Ferdinand Jarkovský

Poor country girl Elen Hadrbolcova sent her photo to a casting agency in a city and got an invitation to come in person. Her stepfather Dubský orders her to stay, but the young beauty will not obey. She knows that her real father was some old actor who left her mother. Dubský was a soldier suffering from amnesia who appeared in the end of the war. He didn't know his identity, so he found shelter in their house and helped her mother raise the small girl. He was a keen poacher, so his help was noticeable, but in all other respects he was a primitive country man. Elen boards the train and during the journey she sings a song to pass the time. Her sweet voice attracts a millionaire René Skalský. He falls in love with her but he wants to be sure that the love from her side is a genuine one. He takes a seat in a second class and pretends to be an ordinary man. In a city Elen disappears and René has to search for her. He finds finally that she was to be employed in a Malhorn's revue, but she declined the director's indecent offers and there are problems with the script for the play as well. René starts to pay for Elen's singing lessons and he begins to write the missing script for the Malhorn's play. Thus neglecting his millionaire's duties he goes bankrupt. The singing lessons must end and there is no money for provision and rent anymore. Elen is saved by a violin player Sedlon and full of gratitude decides to marry him. Just after the marriage she gets information that René dies from malnutrition and some rare disease in a local hospital. She goes there and returns him to life with her sweet singing. Then René and Elen discover that the marriage ceremony with Sedlon was invalid because of a formal error. They decide that love, not money, is all they need. In this moment there appears an uncle Skalský and declares that the René's financial catastrophe was only a hoax. It was a test of young René's character and he passed with flying colors. He has all his money again at his disposal. And Sedlon? His friend Klara has been in love with him in secret for some time already, so he decides to marry her. Many of the best Czech movies are parodies. This is one of them. The picture is black&white, but in the end there is a short commentary in color explaining it and thus ending the laugh at the joke.

Czech Centre in Brussels, Czech Film Centre, Czech Embassy in Luxembourg