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Cineast 2020: Owners

Sunday, 18 October, 2020 - 20:00
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Original title: Vlastníci, Czech Republic, Slovakia 2019, comedy 96 min. VO, EN subtitles,

Directed by Jiří Havelka, written by Jiří Havelka, with Tereza Ramba, Vojtěch Kotek, Dagmar Havlová, Jiří Lábus, Pavla Tomicová

A laugh-out-loud comedy about a meeting of flat owners painting a sombre picture of democracy in today´s Czechia.


An association of unit owners in an old, dilapidated block of flats in Prague finally holds a formal meeting to discuss and agree on a plan for urgent renovation. In order to prevent the building, which is in dire condition, from collapsing, the owners’ only task is to be reasonable and reach an agreement.

Written and directed by Jiří Havelka and based on his own award-winning stage play, this film presents us with a curious cast of characters and tightly scripted action taking place in one room over the course of an evening. Filled with recurring punchlines and comical awkwardness, and packed with many compelling performances, this laugh-out-loud comedy paints a rather sombre and unsparing picture of democracy in today´s Czechia.

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