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ThalamusProject & Charlotte Bridge

Saturday, 7 April, 2018 - 20:00
Free entry (hat)

The ThalamusProject was founded in 1995 to make music for theatre plays, movies, and exhibitions in various line-ups. The Ancient Greek term "thalamus" means "gate to consciousness" and is used for a structure of the human brain, which connects the majority of nerves transmitting information from the outside world to areas of consciousness. The ThalamusProject explores the resulting interplay of the internal experiences and the external world. Over more than two decades, a large amount of work has been created. The current programme gathers some of the material adopted to guitar, drums, didgeridoo and a loop machine. It is put on stage by Massimo Savo and Oliver Glassl. Here's what it sounds like:

Charlotte Bridge
Charlotte Bridge is the solo project of a Luxembourg based-artist, who likes to use reverbs and arpeggios. She started with collaborations, by featuring in the Italian band Mothell's EP “Nebula Sound System” (2015, Doner Music-Sony) and in a full album with the Luxembourgish artist Edwin Aldin ( rst single “Shelter” reached #6 on the Luxembourgish Eldo Radio chart in 2015). She then released her rst EP, self-titled, with Bonus Noise Records in December 2016 and spent the following year promoting it on stages in Luxembourg, Germany and France, opening for Annika and e Forest and also performing at Food For Your Senses festival 2017. Charlotte Bridge's 1rst full length album will be released in 2018. This is what she sounds like: