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Jazz Goes North: David Jans Quartet

Friday, 15 July, 2022 - 20:00
free entry, reservation required

David Jans Quartet

Jungmi Yun: piano [KOR], Giorgio Stienstra: e-bass [NL], Ilja Tarnopolskij: drums [DE], David Jans: alto saxophone [LU]

Juggling around many different styles without leaving the area of Jazz. This is what the David Jans Quartet is all about.

David Jans is a Maastricht/Luxembourg based Jazz Alto Sax player with a classical background. Artistically, he is influenced by many artists from Jazz to Classic to Film Music and any kind of Rock Music, such as Kenny Garrett’s expressive sound on Alto Sax, the incredibly story telling music of Hans Zimmer with the simplest melodies or even the powerfulness of metal music.

His own band the „David Jans Quartet“ - with friends from the Conservatory of Maastricht where he is studying at - reflects his musical journey that he went through and still will. This is also the main topic of the current project of the band „A Neverending Journey“.

“Music is a neverending journey.
When I was a kid, I once thought that at some point there must be no new music as every possible melody must have been used. Later of course, I realized that music is something that is always evolving and developing, it is like a neverending journey. That is because music gets created by humans with different personalities. As every person is different, music will also be always different and will always evolve. But not only music in general but also in a musicians life, music will develop. There is so much to learn and explore, not only music related but also life-lessons that will again affect ones music. So besides the journey of music in general every musician has its own journey. A neverending journey.“

The Quartet, consisting of Jungmi Yun (Piano), Giorgio Stienstra (E- Bass), Ilja Tarnopolskij (Drums) and David Jans (Alto Saxophone) - people from four different countries, meeting in Maastricht - wants to invite you on that musical journey with their modern, energetic Jazz sound. Spontaneity, freedom and sound are three important aspects of the bands music. However, groove and classical influences come in their way which creates an interesting mix.

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