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Jazz Goes North: Hoffmann-Clement-Peckels Quartet

Saturday, 28 August, 2021 - 20:00
free entry, reservation is required

Simon Hoffmann - piano 

David Hoffmann - vibraphone / drums 

Mathieu Clement - vibraphone / drums 

Laurent Peckels - bass 

Two drummers, two vibes players, two brothers and four passionate jazz musicians; all that in one quartet! Born during lockdown, this project features Mathieu Clement and David Hoffmann, as they switch between the vibraphone and the drumset. With Laurent Peckels on bass and Simon Hoffmann on piano, the quartet receives its harmonic anchorage, who have known each other since the Hoffmann brothers started to play with Peckels in 2014. With lots of creativity and energy in the bank from lockdown, the quartet is ready to receive you at the lovely Ancien Cinema!

Reservations: reservations or or FB/Ancien Cinema messenger

Ministere de la Culture, WOXX