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Jazz Goes North: Neobiont

Saturday, 3 June, 2023 - 20:00
free entry, reservation required

Neobiont line up: Leandro Irarragorri - Klavier, Jakob Obleser - Bass, Jonas Esser - Drums, Jonas Kaltenbach - Drums, Benedikt Jäckle - Sax

The band, Neobiont, just released their debut record (June 24th 2022). This new generation of jazz musicians is excited to share their vivid and rhythmically-adventurous music.

From Germany and Switzerland, the five band members all share a passion for jazz music and an eagerness to explore new ways of musically interacting with each other. The band leader, Benedikt Jäckle, beautifully filters and connects all of the musical ideas of the group, providing a stylistic compass and clear musical direction. As a jazz musician who grew up in Germany, Jäckle considers playing jazz in Europe to be a gift, yet simultaneously a challenge that brings much responsibility.

The band’s name “Neobiont” (from Greek νέος (néos) "new" and φυτόν (phutón) "plant") refers to an invasive species that is not native to a geographical region.

The album is heavily influenced by bebop, 1960’s avant-garde, Afro-Brazilian pop, as well as the musicians’ personal and musical experiences from their upbringing in Germany. After workshopping several different musical ideas, the band eventually settled on seven compositions that best represent their process, ending up with a very strong record that puts their joy of playing music on full display. By creating this album together, the band has developed a true identity that is much bigger than each member’s personality combined.

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