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Shandy & Eva. Cancelled.

Friday, 26 June, 2020 - 20:00
latin, jazz
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Shandy & Eva is a duet performing their original songs. Shandy (Shandrelica Casper) is a drummer and a percussionist from Curacao in the Caribbean, Eva (Ewa Zmijewska) is a guitarist from Warsaw, Poland. They both sing and compose, Shandy and Eva met at Los Angeles College of Music in Pasadena where they graduated with Associate of Arts degree in Vocal Performance. In 2015, during their studies they formed the duet, started playing show and writing music together. Later on Shandy graduated from LA College of Music with a Bachelor Degree in Vocal Performance and Eva graduated from California Institute of the Arts with a Performer-Composer Master’s Degree. The Duet not only performs in the Los Angeles area, but is also known in Poland and in the Caribbean. Shandy & Eva’s music can be generally described as pop/singer-songwriter style, nevertheless the duet’ songs are inspired by many different musical genres like jazz, latin, or even country. They closely collaborate with a Polish music producer and engineer Kris Gorski and on August 11th 2019 they released their first studio album, "Give It a Try". Shandy & Eva performed and recorded with recognized musicians such as Darek Oleszkiewicz, Adam Levy, Jerry Watts and Joey Heredia among others.

For the very first time Shandy & Eva are coming to Ancien Cinema Cafe Club in Vianden! Carrabean - Polish Duet formed in Los Angeles will present for you their original music. Shandy & Eva combine many musical genres that include singer-songwriter, jazz, latin and country. 


Partners:, Woxx, Radio Ara